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Hey Foreign Bodies (and hey hey to all the new readers!) I’m stoked to announce our next book giveaway: Comic and The New York Times sports and culture contributor Sopan Deb’s beautiful, gut-wrenching and humorous memoir, Missed Translations: Meeting the Immigrant Parents Who Raised Me. We’ll be mailing TWO lucky subscribers or gift recipients a copy signed by Sopan himself. Entries accepted through Friday, July 31 at 8 p.m. EST.

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About the book

When Sopan Deb was 18, his father left their home in suburban New Jersey for India without telling a soul. Deb had lost touch with his mother years earlier. In this debut memoir, the journalist and comic deftly writes about trying to find his divorced Bengali parents from whom he’d become estranged.

“Getting to know each other is a two-way street,” he said in an interview with NPR in April. Even though his parents didn’t seem to understand him nor this new country they began building a life in, Deb felt he didn’t do much to try to understand them, either.

So at 30, he decided to take a trip to India in hopes of getting reacquainted with them, itching to find answers to some long-simmering questions: Why was his mother so unhappy? What made his parents’ arranged marriage a disaster? Why had his father abruptly gone back to India, without explaining why?

Bonus: Foreword by Hasan Minhaj!

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Praise for Missed Translations

“[Deb’s] writing style is plain, confessional, and filled with laugh-out-loud passages about everything from memories of his childhood to learning to accept his insecurities as an adult. Perhaps most impressive of all, Deb addresses firsthand experiences of ignorant racism with wise humor.” 
The Library Journal

“A sympathetic portrait of South Asians who are neither crazy and rich nor humorless nerds.”
Kirkus Reviews

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