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Foreign Bodies is a mental well-being newsletter for immigrants and refugees with a mission to de-stigmatize vulnerability through storytelling. Our issues are free for the public until 2020, when our grant money runs out and we will become fully funded by readers like you. 

Look, I’ll be honest. I could really use your help.

Since I chose to become a full-time freelancer and writer, my every waking hour feels exorbitantly more precious (and expensive). But I made the choice to leave behind a stable income for this world of excitement and chaos, and that’s on me.

The truth is, as uncomfortable as it is to ask for money—and it truly is so uncomfortable—I’ve got to heed my own advice and ask to be paid for my time whether or not I have a reliable salary.

This newsletter isn’t going anywhere, and that’s because it’s become an extension of who I am, my love of storytelling and my hope for a de-stigmatized world for all of us.

In fact, I want to do more. I want to handle these subjects with even more care, set aside more time to research the best and latest resources available, pay the volunteers who’ve been helping and the many who’ve been wanting to help. I want to continue fostering this as a safe digital space for anyone feeling alienated in their battle with mental illness or discrimination, especially immigrants and refugees.

But again, I need your support.

While our paywall won’t go up until 2020, you can become a paying subscriber today.

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In detail: Each monthly newsletter is topped off with a personal essay on a particular immigrant experience, followed by research on its connection to mental health and well-being. You’ll get resources and insight, a compilation of additional #relatable stories, plus fun lil add-ons, such as expert Q&As and music videos.

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Our subscriber freebies and giveaways are just a little thank you from us to you.

But most importantly, you’ll also get monthly dog pics of Lady, Fiza’s sassy pointer-bulldog rescue.

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This newsletter was created to help fellow immigrants navigate their mental illness and feel a little less alone in this big bad world. So if you're a student, or if you find the cost in any way prohibitiveemail me and we’ll figure something out.

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While we hope the stories we share can connect with anyone, we appreciate any and all efforts to spread the word. Share with your friends, share on social media, help us reach the ones silently suffering or itching to tell their own untold narratives.

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