Tell me about a time a stranger showed you kindness.

I had a particularly rough day yesterday. My coccyx nerve condition flared in public, while I was at Starbucks. I knew I had to make it home before it worsened, but it took me over 30 minutes to move my hips and legs. I asked a couple of strangers, two women, if they could help carry my backpack to my car, because my back had just given out. I was stumbling and knew I would hit the floor if I tried to walk it myself. To my dismay, they were incredibly reluctant to get up and lend a hand. They just eyed each other, like, “Is this girl serious?” Eventually, one of the women did stand up to help, but hardly said a word or made eye contact with me as she took the pack, placed it in my car and walked away. I was in excruciating pain all day and still am (blabbed about it here) but that specific interaction really stung. I can’t personally imagine reacting that way if a stranger asks for help.

I know there are kind people all over the world, and I’m trying to remember that today and applaud myself for even asking for help in the first place, something I’m quite shit at. Today, I’m thinking of the guy I’d had a class with in college but never spoken to who brought me Advil after seeing my Facebook status pleading for anyone in the library to help a girl out—and the neighbor who would leave me sweet post-its on my door with puppy training tips when I first got Lady.

Have you had an interaction with a stranger that left you beaming or grateful? Tell me in the comments.